Time sure does fly..

Hello Everyone!

My apologies for not having the Jinnah bio up today. I assure you that I have been working hard on it and am 90% done. It’s just the remaining 10% that is causing me trouble as I try to craft the best possible post. I will definitely have it up within the next couple days and hopefully as I write more it will take me less time to do. Also I’ve decided to include a notable quotes by and about the bio subject as a way of getting to know them better. I’m also planning to try and include important photos or videos when possible. Thanks for your patience and I’ll see you soon with a new post.

Cyrus Durant.


About cyrusdurant

I'm just a man (or woman, I'll never tell) with a strange obsession for Pakistan. I also like to pretend that my opinions on things matter. I hope you will stay with me on this journey to whatever the future holds.
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